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Knights Fight 2 Honor & Glory

Spectacular fighting game in a medieval setting

Knights Fight 2 Honor & Glory - Spectacular fighting game in a medieval setting
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The game does not work (neither online nor offline)! The current version of the game - Knights Fight 2: New Blood.
Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory
- a dynamic medieval fighting game for android devices.

Medieval atmosphere
In Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory you will have the opportunity to try himself as a knight of the Middle Ages and fight in the arena with the strongest opponents for honor and glory. You will find medieval equipment with the possibility of improvement, shields and weapons exclusively of those times, are you ready to demonstrate your talents in the arena? You will be able to take part in severe fights with other knights, paladins, legendary heroes and measure your strength.

Spectacular battles in the arena
It is important to correctly adapt to the tactics and strategy of the opponent’s battle, as the slightest mistake can lead to failure. You also have to follow the endurance scale of your hero so that he does not become exhausted during the battle, and for victories you can discover new types of attacks, strikes and useful skills for your ward, equip him with powerful armor and be ready to meet even more powerful opponents . Comfortable controls, dynamic battles, the true atmosphere of the Middle Ages and elaborate gameplay - all this awaits you in Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory.


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Package namecom.vividgames.knight.fight.honor.chivalry
Разработчикvivid games s.a.

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