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Lucky Patcher

Application for modifying and patching apk files

Lucky Patcher - Application for modifying and patching apk files
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如果 Google Play 保护阻止安装,请单击“详细信息”→ “仍然安装” → 好的。
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Google Play 评分★ 5 (0)
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Patcher to most programs and games. Some games and programs have a standard code of interaction with the Google Market, but at the same time very strong tools to protect the program from change.
This program scans your device for all installed programs, sorts them into the possibility and impossibility of the patch and places applications in which the patch can be useful at the beginning of the list. You can apply a patch to it, and if it works, then you will have a fully registered program.

In extreme versions, the ability to block annoying ads in applications is added, but not everywhere and always works. Before applying the patch it is recommended to backup the application!
If you decide to apply the patch, then this is purely your decision! Guided by the old Russian saying: "Seven times measure, cut once!" As a result of using the patch, you can be deprived of the opportunity to purchase the program to which the patch was applied! Nevertheless, there is a clue how to solve the problem with the acquisition of programs previously patched by this patcher, you just have to read the cap carefully.
The program is not and will not (for obvious reasons) on the Market. To fully use the patcher, root-rights are required.

And the most important thing!
The results of the patch are NOT stored with Titanium Backup and any other backups.


  • Исправлен патч на Android 9 для некоторых приложений
  • Обновлены переводы
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如何安装 Lucky Patcher

  1. 下载 apk文件
  2. 下载完成后,下载的文件会显示在通知栏(顶部),同时也会位于“下载”文件夹(任意文件管理器 )
  3. 使用任何文件管理器或在通知栏中(在下载的文件上)单击它来安装下载的 APK 文件
  4. 如果您不是从 Google Play(而是使用文件管理器或浏览器)首次安装应用,则需要授予适当的权限。 这只进行一次。
  5. 如果文件是以 bin 扩展名下载的,则有 2 个选项:
    1. 使用任何文件管理器(“重命名”功能)将下载文件的扩展名更改为apk
    2. 更改您的浏览器,例如更改为 Chrome

如何更新 Lucky Patcher

  1. 要更新应用程序,请安装新版本的应用程序覆盖(不删除)旧版本。
  2. 只有从我们这里下载了以前版本的应用程序,才能进行此更新。 否则,将出现签名冲突,您将看到消息“应用程序未安装”。
  3. “签名”是什么以及它们的用途,请阅读 这里