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Serious Sam: TFE + TSE

Unofficial port of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter

Serious Sam: TFE + TSE - Unofficial port of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter
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Serious Sam: TFE + TSE - the legendary first-person action shooter comes from the 2000s for android devices.

Adventures with Serious Sam
Serious Sam: TFE + TSE is a high-quality, unofficial port of the legendary game that made a splash with its appearance back in 2001 and still does not lose its relevance. The action takes place in the near future, so in Serious Sam: The First Encounter we are talking about an artifact found in Egypt that allowed people to develop technology, make interstellar flights and move around the planets. and everything was wonderful until people came across the space villain Mental, who decided to destroy humanity.

Dynamic gameplay and hardcore shootings
And then Serious Sam appears, who is sent to the past, with the help of another artifact, and is instructed to deal with all enemies. Sam went back in time and made a real "massacre" of alien invaders. You will find the high dynamics of what is happening, hardcore shootouts, "real meat" and old-school design. In The second Encounter, events develop after the crash of Sam’s spaceship, where he will destroy monsters on an unknown planet and continue traveling in time to find a new artifact that will help him deal with the Mental.

Game installation order:
  1. Download and unzip the cache to the root of the inteal memory (you get the folder sdcard SeriousSam);
  2. Download and install the game;
  3. If you set the cache correctly, the game will start.
The game has a built-in crack of Inertan messages and voice acting of heroes, if it is not needed, delete the files SE1_00_Russian.gro and 1_00c_Russian.gro.
If you want to play to the First Encounter campaign, then go to Network - Start Server - Level - select Hatshepsut, specify the necessary settings and click Start.
If you need to improve performance, go to Options - Android Port Settings - Screen resolution - select Half resolution.
You can enable continuous display of the on-screen controls in Options - Android Port Settings - Show touch controller.


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如何安装 Serious Sam: TFE + TSE

  1. 下载 apk文件
  2. 下载完成后,下载的文件会显示在通知栏(顶部),同时也会位于“下载”文件夹(任意文件管理器 )
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  4. 如果您不是从 Google Play(而是使用文件管理器或浏览器)首次安装应用,则需要授予适当的权限。 这只进行一次。
  5. 如果文件是以 bin 扩展名下载的,则有 2 个选项:
    1. 使用任何文件管理器(“重命名”功能)将下载文件的扩展名更改为apk
    2. 更改您的浏览器,例如更改为 Chrome

如何更新 Serious Sam: TFE + TSE

  1. 要更新应用程序,请安装新版本的应用程序覆盖(不删除)旧版本。
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